Revenir (French: ‘to come back’) is an extremely well-equipped, versatile, modern winery located near Lenswood, in the cool and crisp Adelaide Hills.

Formerly the Nepenthe winery, it was built under the watchful eye of inaugural Nepenthe winemaker Peter Leske, who knows the facility inside and out; he and a handful of willing helpers and skilled contractors literally dug, concreted, welded, bolted, wired, and glued the winery together from go to whoa, over a decade of construction and operation from 1997. It was then, and remains, a state-of-the art facility, purpose-built for super-premium winemaking. It is flexible, efficient, and boasts an impressive range of equipment essential for quality.

But after Leske left in 2006 and the site was sold by its original owners in 2007, it was ‘mothballed’ in late 2008, and sat forlorn and empty: the ‘tumbleweed winery’. But ready to go again should the opportunity arise...

Leske and friends looked on with regret until the lure of the chance to breathe new life into the ‘Old Gal’ proved too strong in early 2011; so we dusted her off, took down the calendars frozen on December 2008, washed out the coffee cups and cleaned the walls, then started up the crusher, presses and refrigeration plant, and established the site as Revenir Winemaking.

If you want access to highly experienced, highly professional winemaking services, utilising some terrific oenological ‘toys’, we can help. The winery was built to provide flexibility and control (if required...) over every step of the journey from grape to bottle, for batches large and small. But toys are just that, playthings, unless used appropriately. We are here to use those toys to your advantage; to steward your fruit from the vineyard to the market.

We can walk to the beat of your drum and act on your directions to the letter; or work with you to devise a plan which you then leave to us to implement. Either way, the aim is to make wine that you are proud of; a wine that will speak of your site, your plans, your aspirations.

The following pages will give you some insight into who we are; what we do; and
where we are. Read on, or take the chance to contact us direct.

While we hope that this site is useful to you, we’d rather take the time to share a coffee or a glass of wine with you while we talk about your needs, than have you simply point and click. We’re into establishing the sort of relationship that means that we understand each other, and a website can’t do that as well as a chat and a taste. So feel free to “come up sometime ‘n see (us)…”, as Mae West (almost) once sang...