Revenir is a large shed full of oenological toys, but these devices sit idle without
people to make them go!

We are few in number, but well-endowed with experience.

Senior Winemaker, Site Manager and Proprietor Peter Leske knows that large shed like the back of his hand – he’s unscrewed the iron sheets and unbolted the beams to ‘lift its lid’ and install more tanks on three occasions. He also designed the extensions which tripled its size; wired the refrigeration controls; painted the walls; glued together the plumbing, and has had a go at fixing most bits of the place at one stage or another; with varying degrees of success! Most of this happened during his 10 years there when it was the Nepenthe winery, from mid-1996, but he and the team are still constantly modifying this or changing that to make Revenir work better, or more efficiently.

The Nepenthe sojourn started after he graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College with a winemaking degree; worked 2 vintages at Mitchelton in Victoria and 7 with Jeffrey Grosset in the Clare Valley; spent 5 years as Manager of Technical Services at The Australian Wine Research Institute; worked 7 vintages in France and 1 in California; completed an MBA; got married to a beautiful girl and became father to two more; judged at many wine shows; helped organise and spoke at innumerable conferences and seminars in Oz and elsewhere; helped establish the Advanced Wine Assessment Course in Adelaide; established his own label (La Linea) in partnership with a couple of mates and their families; and bought a dog. The latter remains the least manageable part of the story, even though he’s now resolutely sedentary, well into his 15th year.

We point all this out to hopefully demonstrate that he knows a bit about wine and business, and he knows the winery which is now Revenir inside and out. All of which adds up to a handy bit of experience, on which our clients now rely.

Peter was nominated by his peers and was very honoured to be named ‘Winemaker of the Year’ in 2020 by the Australian Society for Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO).

Born and raised in the Adelaide foothills, Chris Parsons grew up in a food and wine loving family, coincidentally on a street called Riesling Crescent, and with Penfold’s famous Magill Estate vineyard almost in his backyard. This no doubt sowed the seed for a career as a winemaker and led him to study at Adelaide Uni, graduating in 2004. Since then, he has worked in various wineries here and abroad, with the majority of his career being spent in the Adelaide Hills, including 6 years at Wicks Estate and over 8 years at Revenir. He also spent a couple of years helping establish a new winery facility at Ministry of Clouds in McLaren Vale. During his career he has been involved in the creation of a multitude of wines, covering virtually all styles and vintage conditions imaginable. This has helped create an appreciation of how to make the best of each batch of fruit, but also an understanding that there is always something new to learn. 

Stewart Stopford (known to all and sundry as Stewie, of course) was once a young local lad who loved rum and Coke, and tolerated the rigours of working in what were then the Nepenthe vineyards. A decade or so later, his extensive wine knowledge makes him a mean player of ‘wine options’! He now appreciates everything from Adelaide Hills Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay to Sancerre and Puligny Montrachet, and importantly, knows the Revenir winery inside and out.
He was patient enough to work with Peter for the entire decade that he was at Nepenthe, and the two worked side-by-side both running the winery, and installing all sorts of gear, which included lifting the roof off three times. We call him our Cellar Manager, but he’s much more than that, endowed as he is with diverse and many practical winemaking skills, a fierce appetite for hard work, and the ability to maintain the efficient working of both a team of people and a host of oenological machines. He’s a very important part of the team.

The small team above is augmented by a team of dedicated cellar-hands at vintage and beyond. All are trained and coached to help make each and every wine the best it can be, with the mantra that “every batch is as good as every other” punched into them (figuratively, not literally) at every opportunity. We demand a lot of them – and they deliver!

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