Revenir has the capacity to handle approximately 1200t of fruit every vintage. It was set up, however, to handle batches as small as 1t and as large as 50t without drama or fuss, and as efficiently as possible.

It does this with the following ‘toys’:
  • 10 t receival bin, fitted with load cells for in-bin weighing; can be loaded from 0.5 or 2.5 t bins, or tipping trucks
  • Vaslin crusher; 75 mm must pump and must chiller
  • 10 kL Vintek and 8 kL & 5 kL Diemme pneumatic tank presses; all 3 may be loaded with whole bunches
  • 62 stainless steel tanks ranging from 1.5 to 45 kL (including over 40 tanks smaller in size than 10 kL); the vast majority fully insulated and connected to in-place cooling/warming
  • Red fermenters from 0.5 to 22 tonnes capacity; cap management by plunging, pump-over, rack and return
  • Crossflow and pad filtration; RDV for juice and bentonite lees
  • Two separate cool-rooms for fruit chilling and barrel fermentation; both rooms can also independently warmed in winter to facilitate malolactic fermentation
  • A further four insulated barrel stores

All of this gives us complete flexibility to make your wine as you want it made: crush and chill or chill and whole bunch; work with batches as low as half-a-tonne; heat or cool; rack or filter or leave it alone... or anywhere in between.